Bryan is the Executive Pastor of Discipleship at Crossroads. If you’re looking to get connected to the mission and the people of the church, he would love to help you! Bryan is heavily involved in developing and directing our Missional Communities (MCs), where Crossroads’ members live out our mission and values. You’ll also see Bryan serving on our preaching and teaching team, and you’ll find him working behind the scenes on strategic planning, leadership coaching, and curriculum oversight. He studied at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago where he earned a B.A. in Educational Ministries and a Master of Divinity. Bryan’s calling is to turn hearts and minds toward Jesus by sharing truth from God’s Word. He loves doing life with his wife and best friend Jamie and with his two children, Kaden and Kaysha. Aside from his loyalty to a perpetually losing organization (Detroit Lions fan), Bryan’s interests include reading (especially Bible and theology), drinking coffee while reading, and praying while reading. He also loves to travel, hike, run, and participate in a variety of sports. Bryan is continually seeking to “grow in the grace and knowledge of God” (2 Peter 3:18) and help others do the same.