Missional Communities

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What is a Missional Community?

Missional Communities (MCs) are groups of people living life on mission together. MCs are more than weekly gatherings, Bible studies, prayer meetings, social groups, mission teams, or support groups. No doubt, MCs will serve many or all of these purposes at times, but the primary question that drives MCs is, "How can we truly develop fully devoted followers of Christ together?"

Four priorities of every MC are to pray, reach, care, and empower. PRAYER is essential in everything we do because we are dependent on God for growth and life! REACHING our family, friends, neighbors, and the community with good news is an essential part of our mission. CARING for one another takes us beyond a mere Bible study or social gathering. And EMPOWERING members of groups allows everyone to discover, develop, and deploy their God-given gifts to serve their groups and the community.