Kids Hope USA

What is Kids Hope USA?

Kids Hope USA churches give hope to children in public elementary schools. Our church provides mentors to go to Homan Elementary School in Schererville. These volunteer mentors have lunch with one child once a week at the school. They can just chat, play games, or do a craft. But it’s everything to the child. These are at-risk kids. They need to feel loved and valued; they are better able to grow and succeed if they have a secure relationship one-on-one with an adult. The results of this kind of nurturing is improved grades, self-esteem and life skills.

Could I do this?

– Are you available one hour around lunch time each week?
– On-line training is provided
– Do you believe that you can change the course of one child’s life by helping them to beat the odds?

Who helps in this program?

– Prayer partners: each mentor has a prayer partner. Prayers are for the mentor and the child- and anyone else who cares about these people.
– Holiday parties for children and their families
– Teacher appreciation for all of the teachers; staff are invited as well
– Prayer cups: Each teacher at the school will have a person praying for them
–  Playground improvements
– Upcoming ideas: after school homework helper and school supply donations

Why would I do this?

– Because you could be what Jesus would be to a child- a loving, grace-filled friend.

– Because these children are at a critical time when values are formed, self-esteem is developed, and academic skills must be flourishing for a lifetime of success. You can be there and watch it happen.

– Mentors get more than they give in spending time with these children.

If you believe you can make a difference in a child’s life, join us!