Devotional from Jill Ramirez

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I was reading a story of murder this morning and it made me reevaluate myself and my intentions. Do I think I am at risk to murder? No, but stick with me. The story was about Cain and Abel. I think we focus too much on the fact that Cain murdered Abel out of hatred and lose what got them there anyway. Worship. They were worshiping God. Abel brought the firstborn of his flock and the fat portions. He brought the best of the best. He gave it his all and gave his offering and worship to God in a way that shows He deserves the best and is truly Lord over all creation. It was out of love, adoration, awe, knowing his place, and knowing His place.

On the flip side, Cain’s offering and worship was done out of obligation. He didn’t bring his best, he brought the minimum of what he thought would be acceptable to God. Cain’s heart was hollow. His offering and worship was empty. He gave what he thought he needed to to get by.

It caused me to reflect on myself. Where do I stand in my offerings and worship? Am I always giving the absolute best I have as a reflection of my awe and love for God, or am I giving what I think I need to just to get by? I would like to think I am more like Abel, but the truth is, I have probably brought Cain offerings more than I’d like to admit.

My prayer is that my worship and offerings to God come from the same place that Abel’s did.