Devotional From Jill Ramirez (3/26)

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How many times have you said the words “All I can do is pray”?

I’ve said then more times than I can count, and I rarely say it with the passion and enthusiasm that I should. It’s almost the same feeling as a consolation prize. You know, the prize you get when you didn’t win, but it’s something to make you not feel so bad. I sometimes feel as if not being able to physically do something to help the situation, my offer of prayer is somehow not as important.

Maybe I tend to feel like praying isn’t enough, because I am thinking of myself in my own humanity with all my flaws and failures, and I feel powerless. The great news is, it has nothing to do with my power. Prayer unlocks the store houses of God’s limitless power. He has all the power. Prayer can change hearts, move mountains and raise the dead. Prayer can do this, because God can do this!

When we pray, we are at the feet of Jesus. We are in the throne room, before the GREAT I AM! There is nothing small or insignificant about that. What an honor to approach the Lord, not only for ourselves, but on behalf of others.

Next time you are faced with a challenging situation for yourself or someone else, don’t feel defeated that “All you can do is pray.” Rejoice! Get excited! You have another opportunity to approach the throne of God where hope is restored to the hopeless and the impossible is made possible. Prayer is HUGE! If all you can do is pray, rest assured you are doing the most powerful thing you could possibly be doing. Our prayers move the hand of God,  and satan trembles every time. That doesn’t sound like a consolation prize.

James 5:16

“Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.”