Worship Devotional from Mike Smith (2/7)

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Psalm 71 Devo

Reading psalm 71 took me back to a place in my life that sometimes I wish I could forget altogether. It
was a time in my life that helped shape me, but it took me a long time to understand that it was a time
in my life that no longer defines me. It was a time filled with both great sorrow, but also a time filled
with the presence of God in a very experiential way.
A preacher I heard on the radio a long time ago said this: When health restricts us, or lack of money
restricts us, or loneliness restricts us – all these restrictions – what do you do in a moment like that? In
2 nd Corinthians 11:23-27, the apostle Paul encourages us to understand the restriction is God’s set up for
something great to happen. We just have to get our attitude out of the way, because if we have bad
attitudes in restriction, then we block the power of God in the midst of that restriction. So often God’s
restrictions are a rearrangement of our life to do things God couldn’t do any other way, except if He
restricted you. If God sees fit to restrict your life, guard your attitude and watch him work.
It’s easy for us to expect all the wrong things. We expect life to be good to us. We so often forget we live
in a fallen world, but with the right heart and attitude, we can magnify Christ regardless of our
circumstances. God is at work, and something great is going to happen. God is using you for something
greater than your comprehension right now. Trust in Him not because of what He’s done for you, but
because He knows what is best for you.